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INTERCO-SSH SUMMER SCHOOL 2014 Call for applicants

The INTERCO-SSH European project organizes a Summer School about the « Methods in SSH studies” in Fréjus (France) from the 23rd to the 27th of June. Registration is open to PhD students working on SSH (see conditions below).


The Summer School will provide training in methods for studying SSH: historical sociology of SSH, morphology, prosopography, internationalization, including the circulation of scholars, works (through translation), paradigms, theories and methods, and reception processes.

The INTERCO-SSH project will fund transportation inside France and accommodation in Fréjus (lodging and meals). Applicants travelling from abroad should cover the cost of their travel to France.*

*If they cannot find any funding available for this purpose, applicants may still apply and let us know.

Summary of the project

The INTERCO-SSH project sets out to assess the state of the Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH) in Europe and to understand the factors that facilitate or hinder international exchanges. It aims to outline potential future pathways that could promote cooperation across disciplinary and national boundaries.

The project uses the tools of the SSH to study the SSH in their socio-historical context, including their relationship with the political and economic powers. It compares the process of institutionalisation of seven academic disciplines in order to identify the sociological factors that have shaped the “academic unconscious” of scholars. Furthermore, it investigates the transfer of knowledge between countries and disciplines, the geographical mobility of scholars and the circulation of ideas.

Teaching team:

•  Patrick Baert: Professor of Social Theory at the University of Cambridge, Fellow and Director of Studies at Selwyn College

•  Johan Heilbron: Associate professor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Research Director at the CNRS

•  Victor Karady: Professor at the History Department of the Central European University (Budapest), Research director emeritus with the French CNRS as well as a former lecturer at the EHESS (Paris)

•  Gisèle Sapiro: Professor of sociology at the EHESS and Research Director at the CNRS

•  Marco Santoro: Associate professor in Sociology at the Università of Bologna

•  Christian Fleck: Associate Professor at the University of Graz

•  Gustavo Sora: Researcher at CONICET (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas) at the Institute of Anthropology of the National University of Córdoba, Professor of Anthropological Theory in the same University. Teaching team Training

Applications should include:

•  A letter of motivation explaining the applicant’s interest in SSH studies;

•  A curriculum vitae;

•  A doctoral dissertation proposal or a statement of purpose;

•  A dissertation proposal abstract;

•  A letter of recommendation from her or his advisor or another scholar.

The complete application must be sent to:

Submission of applications Deadlines

Submission before the 3rd February 2014

Notification: mid-March 2014


Sophie Valette

European Project Manager

Gisèle Sapiro

Scientific Coordinator

More information: